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Features & Pricing

Core Features

Our three complimentary features power workflows that significantly improve efficiency, compliance, and employee satisfaction. Any facility and their IDT members can access them.


  • CareNote

  • PDPM ICD-10
    Diagnosis Tool

Encounter Access


Instant Encounter Access

The GEHRIMED integration allows you to view up-to-date physician encounters at any time and access ICD-10 diagnosis codes quickly to review and audit patient data. Save time and increase billing accuracy and PDPM optimization.

  • Signed Encounter data
  • Downloadable/Printable Encounter PDFs
  • Optimized ICD-10 codes with plain language conversions
  • Ability to track regulatory visit frequency

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Secure Clinical Messaging

CareNote Messaging

Real-Time Communications

CareTeam’s messaging platform eliminates the physical barriers that slow you down. Quickly connect with any team member via our user-friendly chat function.

  • HIPAA-compliant communications
  • Manage real-time patient condition changes with practitioners, pharmacists, and hospital staff
  • Securely share X-rays, lab results, and wound images
  • Collaborate on patient care in an optimal decision-making environment

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Patient Insights

PDPM Diagnosis

Your Must-Have PDPM Toolkit

Don’t sweat the new Patient Driven Payment Model – improve outcomes and maximize reimbursements with CareTeam.

  • Record, track, and communicate physician-verified ICD-10 PDPM diagnoses
  • Quickly and accurately validate ICD-10 codes for optimized Medicare reimbursement
  • Easily identify Clinical Categories and associated comorbidities
  • Prompt IDT members to complete MDS assessments and evaluations

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