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Features & Pricing

Core Features

Accessible for any facility and members of their IDT, free of charge. These features are designed around workflows that significantly improve efficiency, compliance and employee satisfaction.


  • CareNote

  • PDPM ICD-10
    Diagnosis Tool

  • Patient Pattern

Encounter Access


Instant Encounter Access.

CareTeam's partnership with GEHRIMED provides your team with immediate access to view the physician's encounters. Filter progress notes by: Patient Name, Provider, Visit Type, Date of Service, and Diagnosis Code. Always know when the patient was last seen and save your team hours each week searching through patient encounters.

  • Signed Encounter data
  • Download or Print Encounter PDFs
  • Optimized ICD-10 codes with plain language conversion
  • Track Regulatory Visit Frequency

The GEHRIMED integration also enables your MDS coordinators to quickly access ICD-10 diagnosis codes to review and audit the data, helping to increase billing accuracy, PDPM optimization and reduce the time spent chasing charts.

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Secure Clinical Messaging

CareNote Messaging

Real-time communications.

CareTeam connects your team seamlessly. Eliminating the physical barriers that slow teams down. The platform is as simple to use as SMS.

  • Manage changes in condition in real-time
  • Share this information with practitioners, pharmacists, and hospital staff
  • Send messages, stay informed, and collaboratively manage patient care
  • Provides an optimal decision making environment
  • Send and receive HIPAA compliant communications
  • PDF enabled platform
  • Share x-rays, lab results, and wound images
  • Engage with Hospitals, Therapists and Pharmacists

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Patient Insights

PDPM Diagnosis

Your go-to PDPM toolkit.

Don't sweat the new Patient Driven Payment Model. CareTeam helps improve outcomes and maximize reimbursements.

  • Communicate Patient Dx
  • PDPM ICD-10 Affirmations
  • Track and record Physician Verified ICD-10 PDPM Diagnosis
  • Quickly and accurately validate ICD-10 codes for optimized Medicare reimbursement
  • Identify Clinical Categories and associated comorbidities
  • Prompt members of the IDT to complete MDS assesments and evalautions

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Patient Insights

Patient Pattern

Population Insights.

The Patient Pattern Dashboard helps you takes the next steps to identify, manage and communicate patient risk across care settings. Improve outcomes, optimize documentation, maximize reimbursement and gain valuable insights.

  • Frailty Risk Score
  • Patients at Risk View
  • Outcome data, i.e., re-hospitalizations
  • Quality Metrics
  • PDPM Calculator

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Upgrades & Add-ons

CareTeam Integrations


Patient Pattern Premium Insights

Equip your team with the necessary information to take action and further assess Patients' Frailty Risk and Trends, review Clinical Alerts, utilize the Family Review report, and evaluate the outcomes of providers within your organization.

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Simple LTC

Simple LTC's Simple Analyzer

The SimpleLTC integration allows your account to automatically supply validated information about your patients to CareTeam. This data populate the insights, census, and creates a more accurate CareNote patient list.

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