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Integration Partners

Looking for ways to get even more functionality out of the CareTeam platform? You’ve come to the right place. Learn about our integration partners below and how they can help you and your team work better together to provide optimal patient care.


The GEHRIMED integration allows every IDT member to connect and communicate seamlessly. It’s the only tool that grants your facility instant, self-service access to all encounters recorded by your GEHRIMED practitioners. Its real-time chat function also reduces manual, time-consuming tasks like phone calls, emails, and faxes. If you’re looking for the simplest, most efficient information delivery tool, this is it.

$0. per facility.

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The Patient Pattern integration provides MDS-based analytics in a user-friendly format. With constant access to data points like patient frailty, quality measures, and changes in conditions, your team can optimize care, prevent rehospitalizations, maximize reimbursements, and communicate patient information transparently and empathetically with family members. Patient Pattern ensures that every team member is aware of every patient and their unique needs.

$295. per facility. Billed monthly.

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The SimpleLTC integration allows for the automatic population of the Minimum Data Set, which automatically supplies your CareTeam account with validated information about your patients. Patient Pattern uses the MDS for its various insights dashboards. Save your team hours of manual data entry and improve the accuracy of your population insights, census, and CareNote patient list all with the help of SimpleLTC.

$199. per facility. Billed monthly.

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